Our Story

    My husband and I started Crabapple with one goal in mind - to help people save money. With everything going on in the world we feel it’s more important than ever to make a difference in peoples’ lives. We want to be able to help in some small way.
    We were always a two-income family. He had his e-commerce business and I was a professional server for 20 years. Then COVID-19 came and I lost my job. Suddenly we were faced with the uncertainty of supporting a family of five on one self-employed income. We weren’t quite sure what we were going to do. We knew that there were SO MANY people in a similar situation. 
    We started to brainstorm...
    And so, Crabapple was born. Rather quickly. 2 weeks, actually. 
    Even though we are a discount store, we take pride in everything we sell. We take photos of every piece, ourselves. We inspect every piece of clothing, twice. We keep our prices down as low as we can so the savings are passed down. We feel grateful for being able to offer these prices.
    Tell your friends! We want everyone to know about Crabapple so they can save money!